OTNOUMI project team is a collaboration team of an artist and the scientists who started in April, 2011.

Yuta Ogai
Yuta Ogai received his Ph.D. (Art and Science) from the University of Tokyo. He is now an assistant professor at the Tokyo Polytechnic University now. He aims at building an artificial life with the body, and has therefore explored the construction of the spontaneity of life.

Norihiro Maruyama
Norihiro Maruyama is a Ph.D. student at the University of Tokyo. His research aims to construct and understand the mind underlying sensing behavior of artificial system in an open environment.

Tatsuya Ogusu
Tatsuya Ogusu is a Ph.D. student at Waseda University. His research aim is to create a method of composing contemporary music based on abstract paintings. He also creates his artwork using the same method.

Miyuki Kawamura
Miyuki Kawamura exhibited artworks based on the context of fine art using images, happenings, installations, collages, and interviews in various places since the exhibition in Brazil in 2000. From 2007 to 2009, she exhibited the interview shows in which how to show the world was changed by interviews every moment under the name of “Co. Utsukushii Yuki.” Since the shows, she has made efforts to create works with live performers such as actors, dancers, and musicians. Recently, she has been trying to design time and space in which autonomous systems and live performers coexist.