The Swimming in the OTONOUMI “UWANO”

  • Date: 2011 .08/27
  • Place: Uwano Tsunan-cho Tsumari

The Swimming in the OTONOUMI “UWANO” from Leiruharant on Vimeo.

Date: 2011 .08/27
Place: Tsunan Uwano, Tsumari ,NIgata
Title: “UWANO which swims in the sea of the sound”

Day time: Kids Workshop “Let’s record the sound in the Village “
Night time: Performance: “The Swimming in the OTONOUMI”

We set up “OTONOUMI” in the precincts of the Shinto shrine. Kids and dancer, Maiko Yamazaki was playing in the OTONOUMI at darkness.

Cooperation : Phybbit Ltd., Ogai laboratory (Tokyo Polytechnic University), Ikegami laboratory (the University of Tokyo)
Sponsorship: Ueno village young people