“Otonoumi” is a programed evolutionary sound system based on knowledge of artificial life research. The system lets people feel a process in which the environment evolves. In the system, combinations of sounds are evolved by movements of entities that exist in a space,and the relationship between humans and system makes unpredictable and various harmoneies of sounds  more than simple interactions.

W.I.P. with OTONOUMI “Shape and Violence Parade Me.

How has “the relationship between what can be told and what disappears without being told” on the historical front stage influenced our present individual and collective consciousness? Miyuki Kawamura links this concept with the system structure of “Otonoumi,” which is “the soundscape evolved by the chain of selection and the interaction of what falls from the selection,” and develops it as an artwork. This trial is long-term work in progress, and is entitled “Shape and Violence Parade Me.” Since April 2011, we have held four open experiments and a workshop.